System integration

We love system integration as we believe it brings “1 plus 1 equals 3 or more” to the client’s business, if done properly. We see integration as a synergic composition of newly done and existing systems.

With our clients we focus both on integration as a part of creating the new IT systems from scratch and on the system integration itself when integrating different environment or existing systems.

Our experts have vast experience from delivering complex projects and delivering systems integration as a service too. When we do system integration, we are primarily focused on reducing complexity, increasing efficiency of processes, transforming maintenance into a more effort friendly task while delivering seamless integration on data, system or process level. We believe in smart integration which is part of the future we deliver to our clients.

What we can deal with for you

Business Process Integration

We focus on uniting all the functions along the business process chain. Together with customers we analyse, map, redesign or create processes in line with desired state of future integrated environment.

Functional Integration

Functions, it is all about these. We analyse them, structure them, map them to the business processes while keeping focus on optimization and discovering redundancy in order to simplify systems and still effectively supporting business processes. When needed we can set up new functions to meet client’s integration objectives.

Systems & Data Integration

We do this basic work too. Our experts are ready to deliver seamless integration of different systems using out of the box tools or developing brand new interfaces or integration layers.

Legacy Systems

Legacy systems are not automatically old or useless for us. We deliver services to keep them up, running and delivering benefits to the clients. We still integrate them into new environments as part of the newly created services. We always keep in mind an efficient way forward – what is worth of keeping and supporting and what is better to replace or modernize.


Mobility already exists but it is still a new dimension for IT in many industries. We have experience in connecting, integrating traditional IT to mobile world. We surely know how to make it a part of it. In this interconnection - security and data privacy are the key concerns. We provide both consultancy for setting up the right strategy or designing blueprint and specific application solution for delivering data from legacy systems to mobile devices.

We work hard on helping your projects to be counted in:

overall successful IT projects*
projects meeting the goals**
in budget**
on time**

Yes, we are hardworking!

Source: *Standish Group, 2018, **Project Management Institute, 2018

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