Building new IT

We create brand new IT systems out of our clients’ ideas. How? We guide our customers and partners on their way from initial ideas to the new system in production.

Our experts know how to analyze complex customer’s needs from business perspective and how to translate them into IT specifications in order to create the most fitting blueprint of the IT system to the requirements. The right mix of most advanced technologies and our experts’ know-how are our key to fulfill customers’ expectations.

When we are creating new IT systems we primarily focus on simplicity, security, operability and last but not least on the customer’s experience. We create IT for the future.

What we can deal with for you

Idea & Purpose Shaping

During workshops we help our clients to purify ideas, prioritize, find the key “WHYs”, develop proper business case and strategic approach to most complex tasks.

Blueprint & Architecture Design

Based on defined purpose we create deep business analysis and the architecture of the new system based on it, we identify right technologies, from HW infrastructure, integration layer, databases up to the application platform and/or tailored application design.

Application Development

We create custom build applications (usually based Microsoft .NET, .NET Core and JavaScript) or customize existing third party applications if this is more efficient solution for the client’s needs.


We deliver our expertise in integration as a separate project as well. Running integration project with us will ensure successful implementation of the complex projects in our interconnected world.

Integrated Testing

We ensure our customers enjoy a great experience from the very first moment they start using the new systems. We measure we keep delivering on our promises.

Solution Deployment

We provide deployment services coming out of the planning, developing cut over strategy, running initial deployment and ongoing DevOps based operation and Release management (Continuous Integration/Deployment).

We work hard on helping your projects to be counted in:

overall successful IT projects*
projects meeting the goals**
in budget**
on time**

Yes, we are hardworking!

Source: *Standish Group, 2018, **Project Management Institute, 2018

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